March 2021 update

March updates

The team have been working super hard on the first version of the beta game, we are hoping to have more screen shots of version 0.1.0 soon.

For now, let me show off the current development we have!

Day / night cycle

One of the features we are excited to have implemented is the day / night cycle, the clock cycle will match that of GMT + 0 clock cycle. You will be able to perform different actions at different times of the day, so best build your party and prepare for raids at night!

Buildings! That you can own?!

Our artist has been working on building up the city region, but better yet, these buildings can be owned by players, want to show off your decor skills, purchase a property for your clan, or setup a shop or even just have a place you can chill after a raid!

Fashion time!

For the first release, we will be bringing character customization where you'll be able to choose your hair style, shirt style, pants style and shoes and you'll even have the option to choose the colour, design your character the way you want to represent yourself!

Thank you, Admin, ArtsFox