Future plans and goals

The future of Shadowmont

It's been roughly a week since my previous post on any social media site so now with the little spare time I have I am going to post a little about what I want to achieve with Shadowmont.

Present and future

Currently I am working solo on the game using sprites from old projects which never saw the light of the day. The goal is to build up a working prototype of the game and then move on over to Kickstarter to build up some funds to help the game grow.

Game Mechanics

On the surface, Shadowmont's mechanics may look similar to those of the typical RPG. You can fight enemies and bosses, train your skills, collect treasures and resources, and socialise with friends. What sets it apart from other RPGs, though, is a feature which will allow the world to grow with its players. You will be able to purchase certain tiles with in-game gold and place items there as you see fit. Want to run your own sword shop? Buy a piece of land and start building!

The idea of bringing the community together and helping each other has always been something I like to see in games, one feature I am interested in developing is a community hand book, this is an offical book created by players of the game to write about what they know about the game.


When it comes to running a game, I believe a person's wealth in real life shouldn't impact on their in-game wealth, meaning you shouldn't be able to buy your way to success. There will be a store where you can spend real money, which will exist to support the game's growth – but this will be purely for cosmetics such as titles and costumes. The way I want outfits to work will be by having your in-game avatar display the items or costumes you have equipped.

A character wearing equipment