What do we do?

ArtsFox is a project born from the ashes of an older one; it was launched initially in early 2011, and we launched one game which was known as ‘Shadowmont’ – but we knew it could be done better. Now, with new technology, new resources and a new drive to succeed, ArtsFox's aim is to revive the Shadowmont project whilst also creating other enjoyable, entertaining and fun games.

What do we do?

Shadowmont (and its website, Shadowmont.com) is a brand new RPG game which I have been developing since early March of 2018 in my spare time.

It's my aim that Shadowmont shall eventually become a 3D, online RPG. However, due to working solo, and working with limited assets, I am currently working on it as a 2D RPG, largely single-player but with some online elements such as a leader boards, online market places, and so on.

What type of RPG will Shadowmont be?

From launch, Shadowmont will be a traditional swords and magic RPG. Eventually this will include a real-time combat system, and players will be able to immerse themselves in training a range of classic survival skills such as woodchopping, mining, and fishing.