The Shadowmont Discord server is a community gaming server, powered by our very own RPG bot. Use it to catch fish, mine ores, chop trees, and more. The server is currently undergoing development. If you're interested in joining us and becoming a part of our community, be sure to join our Discord server!

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Gurrarr's avatar Gurrarr 20/09/2019
Dedenne77's avatar Dedenne77 14/09/2019

Latest updates

Version 0.2.0

New plots and more

We've added new content to the game!

  • We've allowed for players to collect resources through the browser
  • You can now view your profile in more depth on your account page
  • Thieving introduce, start by looting some chests

Version 0.1.1

Update title

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Version 0.1.0

Update title

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