Version 0.2.0 (current development)

Let the farming begin

We are going to be looking at adding a farm so you can begin growing your own crops!

  • Farming - Ability to grow your own crops
  • General Shops - Shops which will allow you to purchase items, different shops will hold different items
  • More commands - We will be adding new items to game, including new fish, ore and wood

Version 0.1.0

The bot has been released!

The bot is currently live on the server, the current features of the first initialize release of the bot are as followed:

  • Fishing - Catch a fish to earn money and gain expierence, to fish you can enter the command !fish
  • Mining - Mine some ore with the command !mine
  • Woodcutting - Cut down some trees to craft new items, gain money and expierence, to cut logs, use the command !chop
  • Smelting - Smelt the ore you collect to build bars, use the command !smelt
  • Gamble - Feeling lucky? Want to see if you can win some money, use the command !gamble and try your luck!
  • Inventory - We have an inventory system! You can view your items at !inven
  • Highscores - Want to compete to be #1? You can view the highscores here, to be eligble to particpate you must use the command !agree_pp to agree to our privacy policy.