About Shadowmont and the team

Who is the team behind Shadowmont?

Shadowmont is a project developed by myself (Kieran Partridge) currently in my free time.

What are your current goals?

As of now (21/11/2018) my goal is to get the website populated with decent content and get a simple beta version of the game running, nothing over the top but something playable for the time being.

What are your development / business ethics?

The one goal I try to achieve when working on Shadowmont and new ideas is that a players real life wealth should never be able to influence the players in-game skills and abilities. I aim to support the game through in-game cosmetics which only alter the apperance of a character and not give them the upperhand in-game.

Information about the map

What is the map?

When developing the map I've taken a different approach to most RPGs and this time users can purchase areas of the map and build on top of the purchased spot.